Monday, February 7, 2011

Bad Week For Bleeders

So speaking of hemophilia, we've had quite the week or so at our house.  Jordan has always been plagued by terrible bloody noses, especially with dry air.  He averaged 5 or 6 a day the last few days.

Jackson came home from school the other day walking sort of funny, but his shoe was untied (as usual) so I thought it was because his shoe was loose.  But then he walks up and says:

Jackson: Mom, I'm pretty sure I have a bleed in my knee.

Me: How come, what happened?

Jackson:  I was playing football at recess and got an interception, a kid on the other team got mad and pushed me down and I landed funny on my knee.  So pretty much I'm like Tom Brady when he injured his leg.

Me (laughing):  Yep you sure are

Jackson: Oh, and I figured that school was almost out, so I didn't need to have you check me out.

I love that kid.

Then yesterday at Grandma and Grandpa's the kids were running around the yard and one of the kids opened the gate and Kaden hit the latch hard by on his lower ribs.  I could tell it hurt, and he came in and iced it.  I had to leave for work and awhile later Jay called and said he was pretty sure it was a bleed so he was bringing him up to work so I could infuse him.  I was a little worried about the proximity to lungs, spleen, etc. so I called down to the ER and talked to one of the Docs on duty and he said he should probably have a CT scan.  We infused him and the scan was clear, just a bleed into the muscle of his chest wall.  After a little Morphine, and a day off from school, he is feeling a little better.

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  1. Sorry to hear of this Christi, makes me feel even worse just knowing the worst things I'm passing on to my kids is freakish heighth, sucky sense of humor, minimal intelligence, oh & diabetes, can't forget that one. Didn't realize you were such a tough cookie, hang in sound like a GREAT mother!