Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thanksgiving and Craft-o-rama

Thanksgiving this year was great, mostly because it was the first in 5 years we have been home. We have been traveling to one soccer tournament or another for Whitney the past few years, and don't get me wrong, it has been fun. We have usually been in California and have taken the whole family and spent time at Disneyland and the beach. This year we got to eat at Mom's, and it's no secret that her cooking is my very favorite. Here are a few pics of our day.

We spent the first Saturday in December with all the girls at Mom's crafting. We had so much fun (well, Sonja may beg to differ, she had a craft meltdown). We made some cute Christmas crafts, and I have to say I am pleased as punch with how cute they look with my other decorations.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Friends Forever.

Over 20 years ago, I became best friends with four other amazing girls. Kristi, Raquel, Becky, and Mary. We had a remarkable friendship that has defied the decades. Though our paths have led different ways, anytime we talk or see each other, it's like no time has past at all. We have come together for good times, like weddings, missionary farewells, baby birth's, blessings and such. But the most poignant times have been the times we have come together in solidarity and support during crisis, illness, and tragedy. Being with Beck through her cancer ordeal was a humbling process, and thank goodness she is cancer free now.

Last night I got word that Raquel's 16 year old son Devin was killed in a tragic car accident Saturday night. Raquel was witness to the scene and the unsuccessful attempts to save Devin's life. I talked to her last night, and we wept together as she told me how cold his hand was when they had finally pronounced him gone. We wept at her sorrow for what could have been if his mortal life had gone on. We wept at the peace of a greater plan, and the knowledge that her sweet family will be reunited one day.

So here we stand again, together. For the funeral Friday for a boy who will be missed by so many. I love you Raquel.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Life....happens. And I am Thankful for my Life.

This Thanksgiving has been a very jumbled mix of emotions. The past few weeks I have cried more, laughed more, been angry, been sad, been frightened, felt vulnerable, felt grateful for true friends who kept me going in the darkest hours. I never have liked to wallow in self pity. But sometimes you just cant help it. In our 19 years of married life we have dealt with house fires, serious injuries and illnesses, multiple surgeries and hospitalizations, car accidents, several near death experiences, school, jobs, moves, family conflict, death of loved ones, on and on. We have recently dealt with something harder than anything thus far. As I look back on the thoughts and feelings of going through yet another crisis, my new motto is BUCK UP MOMMA! I am the mother of 5 beautiful, intelligent, and talented children, who deserve ME! All of me. Yeah, LIFE SUCKS sometimes. But I am done laying in bed feeling sorry for myself. So I am focusing very much on gratitude. I even made a list.

I am grateful for Jordan. Beneath his tough, manly exterior, is a tender soul who loves deeply and forever. He is making life choices that will shape his future..and I have so much confidence and faith that he will succeed and be HAPPY.

I am grateful for Whitney. All of her talent in soccer is not going to her head. She is awesome, she knows she's awesome, she knows she will play in college-which is way up there in coolness. She is beautiful, smart, her grades are high, and she is very organized (except her room).

I am grateful for Boo. Otherwise known as Becca. My heart aches for what she has endured, but sings for how she is rising from it. I KNOW she will use her newly found strength for good. She is making herself a smart, capable young woman, who can play the piano like nobodies business. She is starting up tumbling and cheer again. There is a bright light in those beautiful brown eyes. My Boo Bear, my fashionista, my daughter.

I am so grateful for Kaden. He is a gentle, quiet soul who is usually reading a book somewhere around the house. He acts happy whenever he sees me, and still hugs me goodnight. He is trying to find his niche in this world and in this family, and I will do whatever I can to nurture the best in him.

I am soooo grateful for my funny Jackson. What 8 yr old kid stays home sick from school and watches football ALL DAY on TV. He does. When there weren't any games on he watched NFL news. He did lower his standards once and watched a college game.

I am grateful for Jay.
I am grateful for my sisters and brothers. I am grateful for their kids. I love that I have been the nurse present at 4 beautiful deliveries of a niece and three nephews. Not many people have a cool job like me.

I am grateful for my parents. I love my parents. The have helped to shape and mold who I am, and they are continually supporting me and my family any way they can.

I am grateful for my job. I love taking care of delivering moms, being there for that intimate moment of life coming into the world. I love the second family I get from my job. They know more about me than a lot of people do.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When Did My Baby Grow Up? And How in the World Did I Finish the Marathon?

It's no secret that I have been doing a lot of reflecting as Jordan turns 18 and is in his Senior year of High School. I can remember vividly how it felt when I found out that I was pregnant. I can remember the look on Jay's face when I told him the news. He was at work at the hospital right across from the Newborn Nursery. Just a few short weeks after moving to Grand Forks, North Dakota, the most beautiful black haired, brown eyed, dimple faced baby made his grand entrance. He was the center of attention immediatley with those dimples. From a rambunctious toddler who gave us our fair share of heart attacks, including falling 12 feet from a tree and being life flighted to intensive care at Primary Children's with a severe head injury, to getting into a fenced field at age 3 with his little friends to chase the bulls, he has grown into a man, yes a handsome, loving, smart man, ready to graduate, go on a mission, and enter the adult world.

We spent his 18th birthday in St. George, bribing him to go by taking his adorable girlfriend Krystal with us. They supported me at the finish line, and I made him Fresh Peach Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Frosting, from scratch, after the Marathon with my tendon searing in pain. If there was ever true mother love, that is it. After Jordan and Jay went to General Priesthood, we took Jord and Krys to dinner. It was a great weekend.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Lot of Growing Up, and a Little Bit of Torture.

Jordan is getting ever close to his 18th birthday. I find myself taking a lot more pictures lately, much to his dismay. Maybe I am holding on for dear life.

Yesterday I went to Physical Therapy, and got a diagnosis of Posterior Tibial Tendonitis, and a possible stress fracture. After a torture they call A-Stim, and various other cruel and unusual punishments, I am left with a wrap on my foot and ankle, bruises on my leg, and a promise of 2-3 more sessions of the same torture plus a course of steroids to decrease inflammation. All of this so I can run 26.2 miles of a whole different kind of torure otherwise known as the St. George Marathon. Why do I do it? Because in some masochistic way, I love it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

20 Years.....Really?

A few weeks ago we had our 20th High School Reunion. I can't believe I am really that old! It was so fun seeing old friends, and realizing that some people you didn't hang out with in high school are wicked cool and so fun to be around. The barbeque was so fun! Seeing everyone with their kids was a blast. At the adults only dinner, our table was the loudest, because we were laughing most of the time. We are already going on double dates, girls nights out, and planning trips with friends old and new.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Days....Back to SCHOOL!

I can't believe I have a senior, a sophomore, an eighth grader, a sixth grader, and a third grader. After sticker shock from the 500 dollars for registration fees for "free"public education, we are full speed ahead with High School soccer, signing endless papers, and homework. Here's a glimpse into happenings at the Parker Place.

Jordan- baby will be 18 in a few weeks. Where has the time gone? He is trying to be independant and I'm trying to keep him needing his mommy for awhile longer. He would rather spend time with Krystal. (I don't blame him )He did stop at the hospital after a date on Friday, and I got a hug goodnight.

Whit-Is loving being at the high school. She has her driving permit (YIKES!!!), and is a varsity soccer player. As much fun as high school soccer is, she can't wait to be back with her comp team. They will be traveling to North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Colorado, and Vegas starting in December.

Becca-13 going on 20. Make-up, boys, Justin Beiber concerts, Lagoon, texting, avoiding any sort of household jobs at all costs, and piano. Jay is trying to get her to ride my road bike...since I never do. They rode 20+ miles on Saturday.

Kaden- My Kader Bug. A sweeter boy you will never find. He is growing like a weed, and takes great pride in having bigger feet than both of his sisters. He definately inherited the Parker legs...long and skinny. He loves baseball and soccer....tolerates piano lessons.....and would read books 24/7 if he could.

Jackson-the CABOOSE. Jay and I laugh daily at how much is reminds us of Jordan. Stubborn, funny, always thinks he is right, and loves to play with his friends. He hates to read, sulked when he got the "meanest third grade teacher", and is a natural at any sport he tries.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A few more pics from the Baptism

A few more pics of the big day.....

Jackson's Baptism

After finding a date that would be best for most of our family, the program was arranged, the brunch was served, and we made our way over to the church. SUPRISE!!!!! There was no one there and the doors were locked. after some frantic calles to the powers that be, we found out we were told the WRONG TIME!!!!!! Since we had family that could not wait, we ended up at a pool belonging to some family friends. It was a great day!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I am a Blogger Now!!!

I love following blogs, and have been wanting to create one for our family. So here it goes.....