Saturday, May 14, 2011

New York-Day One and Two

Well the long awaited day had finally come. We landed in NYC at JFK airport, and had our first cab ride in New York. As soon as we landed, I got a text from Bekki, saying she was still in Phoenix (she was supposed to land when we did). She was just getting ready to leave as we were landing. So we got into our cab to meet Russ (who was already there for business), and low and behold, we got a flat tire on the parkway. Little bit scary, but our cabbie had it changed in a flash. We met Russ at the hotel and checked in, The Rennaissance Hotel in Times Square was gorgeous, as was Times Square. Wow. The three of us went to Katz's Deli (made famous for that certain scene in When Harry Met Sally) and had some amazing brisket sandwiches and split pea soup. Yum. Bekki finally arrived, Yay, and we hit the town, taking in sites near the hotel. We got cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery, where we saw......drum roll.....Tina Fey! Makeupless, wearing yellow rainboots and surrounded by an entourage. She clearly didn't want to be noticed. It was pretty cool though.

The next morning we were off and going to Central Park! I was so looking forward to this part of the trip, and it did not disappoint. the weather was beautiful, the cherry blossoms were everywhere, the nannies were out in droves with their charges, and we were in picture taking heaven.

Then it was on to the Met, where we saw a beautiful, yet creepy display from designer Alexander McQueen. We moved on to Egyptian artifacts, Roman statues, real armor from knights, and a million other fascinating things.

We were a little disappointed when we went to the United Nations building, and the flags weren't flying. But at least we could say we'd been there.

Then we went into Little Italy, picked a random little place to eat, and ran into an old friend from high school. It was so strange out of all the places in New York, we just happened to be at the same one, at the same time. Dinner was good, we of course were loud and laughing the whole time (we only got a couple dirty looks).

Junior Prom-2011

Whitney's first Prom, Jordan's last. They both looked stunning, and so did their dates.

Sweet Sixteen

So our little 6 pound 8 ounce peanut is now a beautiful, talented 16 year old! It's hard to believe how fast time goes by.

I so vividly remember when she was born. My water had broken, so we went to Madison Memorial in Rexburg. I was so excited to get an epidural since I hadn't had one with Jordan. It was great...on the left side of my body where it worked. I was to the point where I could't stand it anymore, to the anesthesiologist redosed it, and about 5 minutes later, I had to push. Jay went and told the nurse and she didn't believe him since I had only been 4 centimeters just a short time before. It seems so funny that I was wheeled into a sterile delivery room. The ones I help patients deliver in are so homey and comfortable. But I was, and soon after that our beautiful girl was born.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Utah Avalanche meet Texas Longhorn's




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San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas-Riverwalk

Our Girls:)
Hot Momma Chaperones.

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Ali---why are your hands in our faces? Love Ann and Christi

Texas, Day 2

The girls, Davy Crockett, and some other guy.
Whit and Linds
Pose much?
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Me- "Avery, take a picture of the hot mom's in Texas."
Avery- "Where?"

Don't Mess With Texas.....or Utah

I was so excited to fly to San Antonio, Texas, with Whit and her soccer team for another round of ECNL (Elite Clubs National League) play. We had a blast, and had around 60 college coaches watching our games.




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Blog Stalking and a Dose of Reality

I love, love, love browsing (stalking) other people's blogs. I am continuously amazed at the creative writing, funny and inspiring stories, beautiful pictures, craftiness, and awsome homes. I have come to realize that so many people (myself included) tend to put the rosy picure about their beautiful kids, their beautiful homes, their beautiful crafts, their loving marriages, their fulfilling church callings, etc.

Since I started this whole blogging thing with the idea of journaling about my life and my family, I decided to throw in a post about the nitty gritty, not so attractive parts of my life.

1. My "OCD"ness about a sparkly clean house has gone away. I love the smell and look of a freshly cleaned house, but face it-I have 5 messy kids, 2 messy dogs, a full time job, and endless "to-do" lists that don't involve cleaning. My house spends more time looking like a bomb exploded in it.

2. I really, really love sleep. I love to climb back in bed after everyone is off to school and work and doze off for an hour or two. I try to justify it by telling myself I work a lot of night shifts, so I should catch my zzzz's whenever I can (which is true), but mostly I sleep because I LOVE IT.

3. I hate homework. I hate science fair projects, homework packets, mandated reading time with logs to fill in and sign, pestering kids about grades and assignments that are due.

4. I secretly like it when I find out that someone who seems to have the perfect body, perfect kids, perfect house, plenty of money, and perfect marriage really doesn't. Mean, I know.

5. I sort of feel like I have multiple personalities. At work I can bond with a patient in moments, make them laugh, be smart and witty. I have doctors that respect my skills and request me to take care of their patients. I have co-workers who are my second family. I am confident, and really really good at what I do. Then I have this other personality in social settings- quiet, shy, never feel good enough, skeptical and self loathing.

6. After working a couple of night shifts in a row, I am really grouchy. I try not to be, but some times the wicked witch pops in for a visit.

I'm pretty sure this isn't everything.....but you get the idea.

Monday, February 21, 2011



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Saturday was the Sweethearts Dance for Layton High. Seems so weird that 21 years ago I was there with all my friends and their dates. Now Jordan and Krystal were going.
My senior year I went with a good friend, Loren, and I was the one driving since it was a girls choice. The roads were icy and it was snowing. We pulled up at Wayne Bennetts after the dance to play games, I stepped out of the car and promptly slipped on the ice and landed hard on my butt. My friends were laughing so hard at me they couldn't even help me up. Call me grace.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bad Week For Bleeders

So speaking of hemophilia, we've had quite the week or so at our house.  Jordan has always been plagued by terrible bloody noses, especially with dry air.  He averaged 5 or 6 a day the last few days.

Jackson came home from school the other day walking sort of funny, but his shoe was untied (as usual) so I thought it was because his shoe was loose.  But then he walks up and says:

Jackson: Mom, I'm pretty sure I have a bleed in my knee.

Me: How come, what happened?

Jackson:  I was playing football at recess and got an interception, a kid on the other team got mad and pushed me down and I landed funny on my knee.  So pretty much I'm like Tom Brady when he injured his leg.

Me (laughing):  Yep you sure are

Jackson: Oh, and I figured that school was almost out, so I didn't need to have you check me out.

I love that kid.

Then yesterday at Grandma and Grandpa's the kids were running around the yard and one of the kids opened the gate and Kaden hit the latch hard by on his lower ribs.  I could tell it hurt, and he came in and iced it.  I had to leave for work and awhile later Jay called and said he was pretty sure it was a bleed so he was bringing him up to work so I could infuse him.  I was a little worried about the proximity to lungs, spleen, etc. so I called down to the ER and talked to one of the Docs on duty and he said he should probably have a CT scan.  We infused him and the scan was clear, just a bleed into the muscle of his chest wall.  After a little Morphine, and a day off from school, he is feeling a little better.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hemophilia Sucks!

So even in this day and age of medical news being in the forefront, and most people's  families having some gentic disease or it high blood pressure, asthma, etc: most people not associated with the medical field have never hear of the genetic disorder that graces the lives of my brother, my sons, and my nephews. So here is a little tutorial about it...and on a later post I will elaborate more about how if affects us in real life, with some scary stories.  I really really try to be positive most of the time, but since one treatment for my oldest runs 5-6 THOUSAND dollars, it gets overwhelming sometimes.  Sorry if I bore you.

Hemophilia---What is hemophilia?   Hemophilia is an inherited bleeding, or coagulation, disorder. Persons with hemophilia lack the ability to stop bleeding because of the low levels, or complete absence, of specific proteins, called "factors," in their blood that are necessary for clotting. Proper clotting of blood helps prevent excessive bleeding. There are several types of hemophilias, but the most common and well known include the following:

hemophilia A - lack of factor VIII
hemophilia B - lack of factor IX  (this is the kind we have)
   In the US, there are about 20,000 persons who have hemophilia, and each year approximately 400 babies are born with the disease.
What causes hemophilia?   Hemophilia types A and B are inherited diseases passed on from a gene located on the X chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes, while males have one X and one Y chromosome. A female carrier of hemophilia has the hemophilia gene on one of her X chromosomes, and there is a 50 percent chance that she may pass the defective gene to her male offspring.

     Males who inherit the defective gene will develop hemophilia. Males with hemophilia do not pass the gene to their sons; however, they do pass the gene to their daughters.
Females who inherit the defective gene will become carriers who may, in turn, have a 50 percent chance of passing it on to their children. Although females who inherit the gene generally have no active problems related to hemophilia, some may have other problems associated with bleeding, such as excessive menstrual bleeding, frequent or severe nosebleeds, or bleeding after dental procedures or surgery.
In about one-third of hemophilia cases, there is no family history of the disease. These cases are due to a new or spontaneous development of the defective gene in the female.
What are the symptoms of hemophilia?   The most common symptom of hemophilia is excessive, uncontrollable bleeding because of the missing or low-level clotting factor in the blood. Bleeding may occur even when there is no injury. It most often occurs in the joints and in the head.
The following are the other most common symptoms of hemophilia. However, each individual may experience symptoms differently. Symptoms may include:

bleeds easily
bleeding into a joint
bleeding into the muscles
bleeding from injury or bleeding in the brain
other sources of bleeding
Blood found in the urine or stool may also be a symptom of hemophilia.

Bleeding from injury, or spontaneously in the brain, is the most common cause of death in children with hemophilia and the most serious bleeding complication.

Bleeding into the muscles can cause swelling, pain, and redness. Swelling from excessive blood in these areas can cause increased pressure on tissues and nerves in the area, resulting in permanent damage and/or deformity.

Hemarthrosis (bleeding into a joint) can cause pain, immobility, and eventually deformity if not medically managed properly. This is the most common site of complications due to hemophilia bleeding. These joint bleeds can lead to chronic, painful, arthritis, deformity, and crippling with repeated occurrences.

A tendency to bleed from the nose, mouth, and gums with minor trauma, teeth brushing, and/or dental work is often an indication of hemophilia.

Bruises can occur from small accidents, which can result in a large hematoma (a collection of blood under the skin causing swelling).
What are the effects of hemophilia?   The most common cause of disability from hemophilia is chronic joint disease, or arthropathy, which is caused by uncontrolled bleeding into the joints.
Hemorrhage, which is a severe internal or external discharge of blood, is a continuing problem.
Treatment for hemophilia:   Treatment may include:

blood transfusions
prophylactic (preventive) treatment with infused clotting factors

Blood clotting normally occurs when there is damage to a blood vessel. Platelets immediately begin to adhere to the cut edges of the vessel and release chemicals to attract even more platelets. A platelet plug is formed, and the external bleeding stops.
Next, small molecules, called clotting factors, cause strands of blood-borne materials, called fibrin, to stick together and seal the inside of the wound. Eventually, the cut blood vessel heals and the blood clot dissolves after a few days.
   Hemophilia usually is inherited. This means that the disorder is passed from parents to children through the genes.
   People born with hemophilia have little or no clotting factor. Clotting factor is a protein need for normal blood clotting. There are several types of clotting factors. These proteins work with platelets (PLATE-lets) to help the blood clot.
Platelets are small blood cell fragments that form in the bone marrow—a sponge-like tissue in the bones. Platelets play a major role in blood clotting.
When blood vessels are injured, clotting factors help platelets stick together to plug cuts and breaks at the site of the injury and stop bleeding. Without clotting factors, normal blood clotting can't take place.

Obviously platelets are very important to my boys since they are missing other components of the clotting cascade, which means Motrin is our of the question with a bleed because it inhibits platelet aggregation (or how the platelets stick together).  Bleeds are often very painful, and Tylenol does nothing for the pain.  It's hard to watch them suffer.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

She's 14!!!!!!
We had a blast at her party. It was exhausting, messy, and noisy, but we pulled it off.

Homemade Snickerdoodle Cupcakes, ice cream bar with homemade caramel and hot fudge sauce, pizza, sparkling cider, candy, and popcorn. Fat and sugar overload.

The girls had so much fun doing the crafts, and they turned out so cute.

Love my baby girl.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Merry Christmas

Wow. Another Christmas come and gone. This year was full of traditions, much like any other, but every year I appreciated them more and more. New jammies.....this year homemade by Mommy. Red Velvet cake and cupcakes, with cooked frosting, made from scratch. I will only do this at Christmas. My kids beg for it for birthdays, but Christmas traditions are just that. Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad's. We eat dinner, open presents from them, and unwrap and put on our new pajamas. Then it's home to bed where the window to the boy's room is cracked open a little so they can here Santa's sleigh bells (aka: Grandpa who is willing to drive to each house after the kids are in bed).

Top funny this year....we always do stockings first, and Jackson is super obsessed with hot chocolate. So Santa put a packet of hot cocoa mix in his stocking. As he was rapidly going through his stocking, he pulled it out and said, " Hmmmm, a packet of some sort of milk chocolate powder." We laughed so hard. That kid is so hilarious.