Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blog Stalking and a Dose of Reality

I love, love, love browsing (stalking) other people's blogs. I am continuously amazed at the creative writing, funny and inspiring stories, beautiful pictures, craftiness, and awsome homes. I have come to realize that so many people (myself included) tend to put the rosy picure about their beautiful kids, their beautiful homes, their beautiful crafts, their loving marriages, their fulfilling church callings, etc.

Since I started this whole blogging thing with the idea of journaling about my life and my family, I decided to throw in a post about the nitty gritty, not so attractive parts of my life.

1. My "OCD"ness about a sparkly clean house has gone away. I love the smell and look of a freshly cleaned house, but face it-I have 5 messy kids, 2 messy dogs, a full time job, and endless "to-do" lists that don't involve cleaning. My house spends more time looking like a bomb exploded in it.

2. I really, really love sleep. I love to climb back in bed after everyone is off to school and work and doze off for an hour or two. I try to justify it by telling myself I work a lot of night shifts, so I should catch my zzzz's whenever I can (which is true), but mostly I sleep because I LOVE IT.

3. I hate homework. I hate science fair projects, homework packets, mandated reading time with logs to fill in and sign, pestering kids about grades and assignments that are due.

4. I secretly like it when I find out that someone who seems to have the perfect body, perfect kids, perfect house, plenty of money, and perfect marriage really doesn't. Mean, I know.

5. I sort of feel like I have multiple personalities. At work I can bond with a patient in moments, make them laugh, be smart and witty. I have doctors that respect my skills and request me to take care of their patients. I have co-workers who are my second family. I am confident, and really really good at what I do. Then I have this other personality in social settings- quiet, shy, never feel good enough, skeptical and self loathing.

6. After working a couple of night shifts in a row, I am really grouchy. I try not to be, but some times the wicked witch pops in for a visit.

I'm pretty sure this isn't everything.....but you get the idea.

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  1. Love this post! I can totally relate to everything you said...sleep is my long lost friend, right now my bathroom could probably make a great science fair experiment (kill two birds)....I hate homework and am secretly glad that I'm too stupid to help my high schooler anymore...and I'm ornery A LOT! I hope my blog readers never find any of this out!! ;-)