Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

So our little 6 pound 8 ounce peanut is now a beautiful, talented 16 year old! It's hard to believe how fast time goes by.

I so vividly remember when she was born. My water had broken, so we went to Madison Memorial in Rexburg. I was so excited to get an epidural since I hadn't had one with Jordan. It was great...on the left side of my body where it worked. I was to the point where I could't stand it anymore, to the anesthesiologist redosed it, and about 5 minutes later, I had to push. Jay went and told the nurse and she didn't believe him since I had only been 4 centimeters just a short time before. It seems so funny that I was wheeled into a sterile delivery room. The ones I help patients deliver in are so homey and comfortable. But I was, and soon after that our beautiful girl was born.

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