Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Days....Back to SCHOOL!

I can't believe I have a senior, a sophomore, an eighth grader, a sixth grader, and a third grader. After sticker shock from the 500 dollars for registration fees for "free"public education, we are full speed ahead with High School soccer, signing endless papers, and homework. Here's a glimpse into happenings at the Parker Place.

Jordan- Sigh.....my baby will be 18 in a few weeks. Where has the time gone? He is trying to be independant and I'm trying to keep him needing his mommy for awhile longer. He would rather spend time with Krystal. (I don't blame him )He did stop at the hospital after a date on Friday, and I got a hug goodnight.

Whit-Is loving being at the high school. She has her driving permit (YIKES!!!), and is a varsity soccer player. As much fun as high school soccer is, she can't wait to be back with her comp team. They will be traveling to North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Colorado, and Vegas starting in December.

Becca-13 going on 20. Make-up, boys, Justin Beiber concerts, Lagoon, texting, avoiding any sort of household jobs at all costs, and piano. Jay is trying to get her to ride my road bike...since I never do. They rode 20+ miles on Saturday.

Kaden- My Kader Bug. A sweeter boy you will never find. He is growing like a weed, and takes great pride in having bigger feet than both of his sisters. He definately inherited the Parker legs...long and skinny. He loves baseball and soccer....tolerates piano lessons.....and would read books 24/7 if he could.

Jackson-the CABOOSE. Jay and I laugh daily at how much is reminds us of Jordan. Stubborn, funny, always thinks he is right, and loves to play with his friends. He hates to read, sulked when he got the "meanest third grade teacher", and is a natural at any sport he tries.

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